DARA Staff

spSoledad Posada
Deputy Director
Soledad is responsible for leading all project and organisational management processes and ensuring that DARA maximises the quality of its outputs. Since 2005, Soledad has worked for DARA as an evaluator of humanitarian response in complex emergencies. She specializes in monitoring and evaluation systems, mixed-method approaches, humanitarian policy and international quality and accountability standards. Her sectoral focus includes protection, refugee/IDP assistance, food security and livelihoods, and DRR interventions. In addition to evaluations, she has contributed to all the editions of the Humanitarian Response Index (HRI) and the Risk Reduction Index (RRI).

dbDaniel Barnes
Operations Manager
Daniel manages and coordinates DARA projects, and oversees relationships with several of the organisation’s partners. He has represented DARA at international events, including several UN conferences. Additionally, he has also been involved in the design of methodologies behind DARA’s recent work in disaster risk reduction and has contributed to the research of a number of DARA policy studies. Prior to joining DARA, he worked as an electoral observer in Bolivia during the run-up to the 2009 presidential elections.

drDaniela Ruegenberg
Senior Researcher
Daniela has 11 years experience as a researcher and quantitative & qualitative analyst. She is responsible for methodology design and data analysis. She has been involved as programme manager and researcher in projects such as the Humanitarian Response Index (HRI), OCHA Study: Saving Lives Today and Tomorrow, Thematic Study of the Paris Declaration, WFP’s School Feeding Programme impact evaluation in Cambodia, and Risk Reduction Index (RRI), among others.

arAna Rodríguez
Evaluation Researcher
Ana does quantitative and qualitative analysis for evaluations and DRR research. She has been a part of the core team in projects such as the GFDRR program Evaluation, Risk Reduction Index and several WFP evaluations. Her field research experience includes Burkina Faso, Ghana, Honduras, Peru, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Prior to DARA, she worked as an environmental consultant and sustainability coordinator. Ana has a Master’s degree in Rural Planning and Development.

Colleen McMilloncm
Researcher and Communications
Colleen provides research support to DARA’s evaluations and Risk Reduction Index and is responsible for communications. Prior to joining DARA, she worked for a training and organisational development consulting firm.  She has a Master’s degree in International Development, for which she undertook a research study on civic activism and women’s microfinance groups in Bolivia.

alavellAllan Lavell
Senior Consultant
Allan has more than 35 years experience conducting national and international research projects. Since 1992, Allan has been the Coordinator for the Programme for the Social Study of Risk and Disaster (FLACSO) in the General Secretariat of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences. More
He is also a founding member of the Network of Social Studies in Disaster Prevention in Latin America (LA RED). He has been a professor and researcher at the University of London, Middlesex University, El Colegio de México, UNAM, the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, the Central American University Confederation, the University of Costa Rica and the University of Buenos Aires and has received more than 2.5 million dollars in research grants. He has written 110 publications, scientific articles and news articles on risk and disaster related themes in different languages and has given more than 150 conferences in 42 countries. He has been a consultant in more than 65 projects and evaluations worldwide for numerous governments and organizations including UNDP, OPS, UNFPA, CELADE, GIZ, BMZ, BID, World Bank, OFDA-AID, IFRC, CARE, OXFAM, CEPREDENAC, PREDECAN, and DIPECHO. He was a member of the Board of the Inter American Planning Society, Vice President of the Disaster Research Committee of the International Sociological Association, full member of the ICSU-ISSC Committee to promote the International Disaster Risk Reduction Research Programme at a world level. He was also the coordinating author for the first chapter of the Special Study for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Managing Risk in Extreme Events and Disasters for the Advancement of Climate Change Adaptation (2012). He is currently a member of the UNISDR High Level Advisory Committee for the Global Assessment Report, the Partners for Resilience project financed by the Dutch Government, the American Red Cross and IFRC Global Disaster Preparedness Centre and the Disaster Research Committee of the ICSU-ROLAC.

mariesMarie Spaak
Senior Evaluator
Marie has 20 years experience working in the humanitarian field, principally with DG ECHO and OCHA, in emergencies resulting from conflict and natural disasters. She is familiar with the international humanitarian policy setting, standards, and accountability frameworks and initiatives. More
She has long-term field experience in Europe (former-Yugoslavia, Russian Federation/North Caucasus), Africa (Great Lakes Region), Asia (Indonesia, Bangladesh,), and the Caribbean (Haiti) and also worked for DG ECHO and OCHA (Geneva) headquarters, where she supported other emergencies, such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. She has led or taken part in numerous evaluations and studies with a specialization in humanitarian financing (CERF, Common Humanitarian Funds, DG ECHO Thematic Funding and Enhanced Response Capacity). Given her experience, Marie is highly qualified to bridge the practitioner-observer gap and ensure that findings are immediately useful at both policy-making and implementation levels.
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